One day Mood hopes to become an elite team. Through education and practice we plan to be some of the best and not because society says so, but because we will feel so in our souls. Doing things without passion is pointless. I mean how many of us go through life not really understanding what it is that we are actually doing? Do we continue to be told what is achievable or do we explore for ourselves and break rules and boundaries, or wait continuing day by day, striving for the unknown. Then we think what does this truly have to do with Mood? Well I believe everything. Without truly understanding our craft we cannot serve our guest and we can not serve ourselves, by being the best we possibly can be. We need to create our own reality instead of being told what it can be and will be. What that means is that if we want to achieve our goals we have to work hard and then work even harder. Passion is a must and needs to obtained and can not be taught. Things do not come easy here at mood and really I do not think it is easy anywhere. Mood will continue to be a fierce team by working hard, continuing learn, and practice to  perfect our craft and serve our guest.  Mood loves you.

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